Conversations Around Food

This has become a fairly typical conversation for me over the last few months:

Acquaintance:  “So what is AgSTART and why should anyone in Fremont County care? 

Me:  “Ag…riculture.  Agri-culture.  Agriculture.”  

Acquaintance:  “Ah!  Folks in Fremont County know a thing or two about agriculture!  Why didn’t you say so?! Now, what about this START business on the end of this hodge-podge of a word?”

Me:  “Start, as in start-up.  Business start-ups, that is.”  


AgSTART is the Fremont County Economic Development Corporation’s latest iteration of a sector start-up business incubator.  Modeled after the highly successful TechSTART business incubator headed by Brad Rowland and joining WellSTART, (championed by Becki Romano) and the Upper Arkansas Tourism and Retail Sector Partnership (under the direction of Kevin Mahmalji), AgSTART is tasked with the mission to further FEDC’s goals to strengthen employment opportunities and access to affordable housing, build on a strong base of high-value industries, and significantly improve the economic future for all who live and work in Fremont County at the intersection of ag-tech, sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices and conservation of our natural resources.

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